Actually, the more senior the pair, the more effective and productive the more successful the job share. Senior employees work out handovers, delivery, obstacles and play to their strengths as a team. They are accountable to each other and have a real focus on making a part-time arrangement work at a senior level, mostly with a view to becoming a long term job share team.
There are different ways job share can be set up. A pure job share means you basically manage one team. A job split means you can get additional coverage by splitting a role by location or different components of the remit. We work with our teams and businesses to minimise disruption and maximise outputs and delivery. Our job share pairs share an email address and work out their own handovers. They are senior, career professionals who are likely to make your job easier rather than more difficult.
Some businesses find it beneficial to pay a little extra to have a day where both are in the office, but the majority of our job share pairs don't have a handover day under their working arrangements. They work a 3/2 or a 2.5 day a week and are efficient in their processes, technology, tools and supports in how their handover works. Some set up slack channels, some use what's app streams or trello and all use a shared email address and files so there is never half a day getting up to speed. They get in to work and get it done.
Absolutely. Double the experience, double the networks and two heads to solve problems more creatively. As long as there is clear communication to both internal teams and clients, it can work brilliantly and even more value can be created.
We love all types of flexible work. We support mat leave cover, contract roles, part-time and full-time flex. However, we understand that part-time at senior levels is often hard to manage for both businesses and employees. Job Share is one way we have seen some of the challenges reduce when done well and a match is created through a senior pair. Job share enables businesses to recruit two brains under one headcount, with the benefits of gaining double the experience and double the networks - imagine how powerful this can. You also have the ability to recruit complimentary skills ( think strategy + execution specialist, UX researcher + UX designer, strategist + data guru) into the one role or even different levels of seniority. Imagine the power of your hire and the possibilities when you start exploring different Job Share at a senior level.
Puffling is free for candidates to join the community and search for roles. For businesses, we're about flexibility so naturally we try and extend this thinking through to the way we work with clients and partners. We are not a traditional recruiter so we don't charge like one either. You can list a role with us or you can utilise our services and access top talent via very cost effective executive placement or job share arrangements. You can also simply list roles and use your own talent teams to do the heavy listing, accessing our talent pool as another source of candidates. We're happy to also work with you in creating pilot programs and respond to specific areas of focus in your business, whether it's getting more women into leadership roles or to increase gender diversity in certain departments or to help design a return to work program or just to offer additional support to existing talent pipelines and recruitment options. Chat to us and find out more.

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