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50% of women leave their employers after maternity leave

A lack of flexibility is the primary reason for resigning.

Flexibility is now the #1 thing employees value most in a role.

Flexibility ranks ahead of pay increases for senior talent

Our FlexPartners are employers of choice for senior talent. Leading the way in D&I and flexible work practices.

Attract top talent

We have access to a community of senior off-market talent

Designing roles for flexibility not only ensures you are future proofing your business but also increasing your power to retain top talent and attract the best.

Retention rates increase when flexibility is promoted

Connecting amazing talent + progressive organisations towards a more flexible future of work

Recruiting power

78% of senior women say flexible work offerings is their top consideration for a new role


Flexible work practices leads to less sick days and more productive outputs


The introduction of company wide flexible work practices can positively impact productivity by 30%

Greener business

A 10% reduction in an employee's office hours reduces their carbon footprint by 15%