Senior Manager Network Strategy (All flex considered)

New South Wales, Australia

April 3, 2020
Network Manager

The Strategic Network Planning team leads the development and the communication of future nbn technology
mix. This team manages the definition of the strategic directions for all the fixed-line and non-fixed line
technologies and will lead the delivery of deep strategic analysis, insights and recommendations to inform
critical decisions around the future of nbn’s networks. The team engages with internal stakeholders and
external shareholders to present scenarios of network evolution and guidelines for decisions.

The Manager, Network Strategy will :
1) Lead the development of nbn’s network strategy for Satellite, including developing scenarios for investment
in upgrade of the Sky Muster satellites

2) Support engagement on co-funding opportunities including with state governments about technology
footprint evolution at the state level. Lead the response to strategic opportunities, partnerships and threats
(e.g. change in regulation, strategic responses to competitive pressure).

3) Drive and achieve endorsement of recommendations for how nbn can extend its fixed line footprint over
time into non-fixed line areas, and the implementation of these recommendations

4) Lead the development of strategy for the evolution of the New Developments footprint over time, including
engagement on the future of the TIND policy

5) Lead the development of nbn’s strategy for fibre and transit, drawing on support from team members in
the transit team in the Network Optimisation pillar

6) Lead other Strategic Network Planning projects including delivery of insights and analysis, and preparation
of scenarios to inform decision making around investments in network upgrades
a) Provide scenarios of network evolution and engage shareholders on options, leveraging technical
expertise across nbn. Ensure options are consistent with 1) the technology roadmap, 2) commitments
to end-users and RSPs, 3) nbn’s overall corporate strategy and 4) nbn contractual obligations
b) Evaluate strategic network options, such as technological & network trade-offs, such as commercial
agreements, resourcing and operational plans

7) Lead a virtual team in driving the above agenda, including playing a leadership role across product,
engineering, capacity, finance, CTO, regulatory and legal teams

As a Manager, you will have accountability for driving key recommendations and decisions for nbn’s network
planning and strategy.


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