Marketing Lead ( PT and can be fully remote or hybrid)

New South Wales, Australia

Job Description

At Puffing, we love supporting high growth startups and scale ups. They are in the most exciting phase of growth and it's fantastic to connect these organisations with talent who are excited by growth, flex and making a huge impact within a business of this stage.

We're pleased to present this part-time, flex role with HRTech, Crew Mojo.

About the role

An HRTech SaaS company that’s been single-mindedly focused on delivering a product and service that our customers love.

They have attracted some of of the most well-known brands, NFP’s and government departments in Aus, with most of our growth coming from word of mouth and referrals.

Here's their scoop on the role :

We have to be honest, our marketing kinda sucks🤦 We want to turn this around and give our service the marketing sizzle it deserves, but we need help because our current skills are in product and service, not storytelling and messaging. This is a broad role with all the challenges (opportunities?) of being a marketing generalist in a fast-growing company. There’s a solid foundation to work from, with plenty of customer testimonials and scope for lots of fun with the brand. You’ll have an opportunity to build something you can be proud of and have a material impact on the growth of the organisation.

But! Before we get too excited, we need to share our ‘warts and all’ to give you a true picture of what it’s like working with us. We’re still figuring stuff out every day. This means lots of change because what works now may be improved tomorrow. We’re a small team so you’ll be working directly with the founders on exciting initiatives, but please understand we don’t have all the answers!

This means you’ll be experimenting, failing, succeeding and creating new stuff, not following a welltrodden path. While some specialist tasks can be outsourced, you’ll need to get your hands dirty with the nitty-gritty creative thoughts and work, while also balancing a high-level strategic direction. We’ve organically grown without VC funding so there are no crazy budgets, but there’s scope to be unconventional and do stuff differently.

We take pride in our work and can struggle with perfectionism, this means a high bar for our own performance and for each other. We respect each individual and care deeply about everyone’s success.

We have a lovely timber office in Macquarie Park if you wish to use it.

However many of our team are permanent remote and we believe in flexible work. We’re more about the outcomes than the time or place. Working from a timezone aligned with Australia is preferable but not essential.

As a team we are collaborative, accountable and autonomous, it’s how we work. This sounds great in theory, but in reality, it requires very good self-discipline and doesn’t suit everybody.

Our values which we strongly encourage are to Get Uncomfortable, Be Authentic, Love our Customers and Bottom-Up (meaning we expect team members to take ownership of their role, not the drinking version of the phrase!🍷).

Key outcomes

You’ll be responsible for Growth of traffic to our website

Growth of social engagement

Growth of demos booked

All achieved with cohesive, brand-aligned strategies

What you’ll do

Take the time to deeply understand our customers, their pains, and what makes them tick

Understand, synthesise and distil what we do into carefully crafted words that help customers understand and make decisions.

Strategise, review and manage online ads and budgets for Google, Linkedin and Capterra Manage and iterate the website and blog

Create and improve marketing assets and content

Share updates via our newsletter and socials, and experiment with other channels

Brand development and management Industry exhibitions - organisation and attendance (if geographically possible)

Measure and report on the outcomes of your work

Bring a consistent, disciplined, and iterative approach to your established activities

Focus on reaching the right customers with a meaningful message that resonates

What we’re looking for

A ‘doer’ that likes to take ownership and accountability for their role; and sees themself as a peer on the team, not a subordinate waiting for their next task Coachable, positive attitude, and looking to grow with a team all doing the same

Authentic and humble with no ego or politics

Ability to work autonomously and asynchronously

Delivering outcomes through a collaborative approach Passionate about your craft and ability to learn new tools or concepts quickly

Ability to come up with creative ideas/experiments, then execute on those goals

Obsessed about growing targetted digital traffic to the website

Love crafting plain english messaging (avoiding buzzwords) that convert traffic Consumed by matching colours, images, wording, font and video into a consistent brand. If you see a sentence in the wrong font it makes your skin crawl.😁

Marketing tools we use

Experience with these tools would be helpful, but not essential. Webflow website Active Campaign Google Tag Manager, Adwords, Analytics LinkedIn Ads 


For a full JD and salary guide, please send your CV, ideal days / working model to us.

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