We are a platform for diverse hiring at senior and executive level

We match top talent to the most progressive employers who truly endorse diversity and flexibility and are committed to a better future of work.

Why Puffling?

We advocate for diversity at senior and executive levels

We believe diverse teams are simply smarter.

Diversity is also critical for innovation and problem solving.


We advocate for flexible work solutions at all levels

We know that flexible work is a critical driver of workplace equality. We list all types of flex roles including part time, contract, role-share and full time flex.

Top talent only moves to the right role within the right workplace culture

We work with highly progressive organisations who are committed to building amazing workplace cultures. We partner with organisations who are true thought leaders. Our clients endorse flex work and value diversity. They are committed to finding the best and brightest talent in the market.

Meet some of our Progressive Employers

Future of Work Ready
Recognised for their commitment to Diversity, Flexibility and Culture