Diverse hiring at senior and executive levels

We match top talent to progressive employers who truly endorse diversity, flexibility and a better future of work.


Puffling - the talent platform supporting the future of work.

The Puffling platform connects senior talent to the best career opportunities with progressive employers.

We firmly believe that flexible work is a critical driver of workplace equality. We also believe that diverse teams are simply smarter.

75% of the senior and executive level talent on Puffling classify as passive jobseekers. They will move only to the right role within the right workplace culture.

Employers recognise the value and speed we bring to uncovering the best talent in market, ensuring diversity is always a key consideration for hiring.

Meet our Power Flexers
Executive thought leadership series.

Insights and stories from top executives who are passionate about diversity, flex and the future of work


Progressive Employer Program

Our Future of Work ready employers are recognised for their commitment to Diversity, Flexibility and Culture


Great work done differently

We’re proud to work with organisations who want to attract and retain the best talent in market. Our clients recognise the importance of diversity, flexibility and workplace culture.